July 08, 2021
6 min read

Electrical Engineering Lab Equipment List for Educators

Electrical engineering labs at colleges and universities in New England use equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, like Festo Didactic, to teach their students. Deciding what equipment is best for your electrical engineering lab depends on your goals. What topics are most important in your teaching? What level of knowledge do your students have in these areas? Once you have outlined your priorities, you can explore equipment solutions for your lab. 

Here is our electrical engineering lab equipment list for educators to consider:


Festo Virtual Instrument Package

  • Powerful, safe-saving virtual instrumentation package
  • Gives students state-of-the-art tools to measure, analyze, observe, and display the results of electronic circuit tests

Festo Dual Function Generator

  • Two independent function generators, each capable of various signals
  • Signal frequency can be varied from 10 Hz to 100 kHz through four ranges

Festo Dual Trace Oscilloscope

  • Economical and highly reliable solid-state instrument for general purpose use in laboratory and training environments
  • Students can measure phase difference between waveforms and video signals can be measured quickly

Festo Laboratory Instruments

  • Provides a compact combination of equipment for troubleshooting, experimentation, education and training
  • Highly reliable and accurate, using semiconductor circuitry

Power Stations

Festo Power Stations

  • Basic Power Station for a portable unit that can be placed on any work surface in classroom laboratories
  • Basic Power Station, 189-A0, for use in classroom science labs where basic electricity, electronics, physics, and chemistry are taught
  • Advanced Power Station, Model 74, for student research projects and teacher demonstrations at all levels

Electrical and Electronic Circuits

Quanser NI ELVIS II+ Top Boards

  • Give your students hands -on experience with ECE concepts that far exceed the limitations of breadboards and banana cable
  • Includes power electronics, energy systems, mechatronic sensors, and more

Festo FACET® Electronics Training Systems

  • A modular training system that includes hardware and software
  • Encompasses Basic Principals of Electricity and Electronics, Digital and Microprocessor Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Communications

Electric Power Technology

Festo Electromechanical Training System

  • Provides unrivaled training in electromechanical systems, teaching the principles of three-phase rotating machines

Festo Power Electronics Training System

  • Combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control to provide training in power electronics to students who already have a sound knowledge of basic electric power technology

Festo Smart Grid Technologies Training System

  • Provides training in smart grid technologies, including the fundamentals of home energy production from renewable resources such as wind and sunlight
  • Covers both stand-alone home energy production and grid-tied home energy production

Digital Communications

Festo Communications Technologies Training Systems

  • Designed for hands-on training in a wide range of communication technologies, from the basic pulse modulation techniques to modern, spectrally efficient, digital communication techniques such as the asymmetric digital subscriber line and spread spectrum technologies

Festo Antenna Training and Measuring System

  • Includes a set of 1 GHz antennas, a set of 10 GHz antennas, an RF Generator, a receiving system, and the Data Acquisition and Management Software for Antennas (LVDAM-ANT)
  • Runs with user-friendly software operating under the Microsoft® Windows™ environment

Festo Computer-Assisted Microwave Technology Training System

  • A complete, state-of-the-art microwave training program that includes data acquisition and instrumentation
  • Designed for hands-on training, the package includes software, hardware, and courseware will all power supplies required to perform the experiments

Festo Satellite Communications Training System

  • A versatile telecommunications training platform designed to teach modern telecommunications technologies in the classroom using a fully operational satellite link

Festo Radar Training System

  • The only real radar trainer that operates safely inside a classroom or lab
  • Uses patented technology to provide students with real — not simulated — hands-on experience in the use of radar to detect and track passive targets at a very short range in the presence of noise and clutter

Need help deciding which electrical engineering lab equipment from this list is right for your New England area college or university? Contact us, and we can help!