Renewable Energy Production Research Platform

Energy Production from Renewable Resources and Smart Grid Management

The Smart Grid Technologies Training System combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control to provide unrivaled training in smart grid technologies. The system features the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, Model 8960, and the Data Acquisition and Control Interface, Model 9063, two state-of-the-art USB peripherals that greatly enhance the learning experience of students. This course familiarizes students with the fundamentals of home energy production from renewable resources such as wind and sunlight. It covers both stand-alone home energy production and grid-tied home energy production.

Students continue with the following three courses dealing with smart grid technologies:

• Static Var Compensator (SVC)

• Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)

• High-Voltage DC (HVDC) Transmission Systems


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Key Features

The training system includes two highly versatile USB peripherals:

  • Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, Model 8960-2. This module is used as a solar panel emulator with a large variety of configurable parameters.
  • Data Acquisition and Control Interface, Model 9063. This module gives access to a large variety of computer-based measuring instruments and is used to control the various power electronics devices necessary for home energy production, as well as SVC, STATCOM, and HVDC implantation. All functions are implemented via the LVDAC-EMS software.

The training system also includes four highly versatile power electronics modules controlled using the Data Acquisition and Control Interface:

  • SVC Reactors/Thyristor Switched Capacitors, Model 8334. This module is used to implement the TCR and TSCs for SVC operation.
  • Insulated DC-to-DC Converter, Model 8835. This module is used to implement a solar/wind power inverter with HF transformer topology.
  • + IGBT Chopper/Inverter, Model 8837-B. This module is used to implement the solar/wind power inverter for home energy production and the three-phase PWM rectifier/inverter for STATCOM operation.
  • Power Thyristors, Model 8841. This module is used to implement the TCR and TSCs for SVC operation and the thyristor converters for HVDC operation.
  • and much more…

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