CTE Certifications for Students

Discover CTE Certifications for Students

Technical skills are becoming more valuable in our rapidly changing world, and CTE certifications for students help provide training that prepares them for various career pathways or further education after high school. There are a number of industry-recognized certification programs applicable for high school students in CTE programs within the Manufacturing and Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) clusters.

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Industry 4.0 Certification for High School Students

Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing. The demand for highly-skilled, industrial problem-solvers continues to increase. However, there aren't enough qualified employees with the high-tech, design engineering, and critical thinking skills needed to fill advanced manufacturing positions.

The Festo Industry 4.0 Certification Program was created in partnership with NC3, a certification accreditation body. Level 1 of the industry 4.0 program certifies students to be well-rounded machine operators and technicians responsible for the efficient operation of equipment. They will learn how to ensure that systems run at maximum capacity with an understanding of the role of each component and device.

Robotics Certification Programs for High School Students

The use of collaborative robots is rapidly growing in production settings to address labor shortage issues. Students have fun using Universal Robots collaborative robots because they can safely work alongside them, easily program them, and quickly see the robot in action.

The Universal Robots Skills Certification Program is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Students gain an understanding of robotics and get a Universal Robots industry-recognized certification upon completion of hands-on training with a Universal Robots collaborative robot and 32 course credit hours of online learning.

If you're teaching industrial robotics to your students, KUKA offers the KUKA ready2_educate certification program for high school programs to teach basic training for typical robotic tasks. The KUKA training cell is user-friendly for the instructor and students. It comes preconfigured and ready to operate with example programs and exercises.

Students enjoy using the robot in industry-relevant applications, including pick and place tasks and continuous path motions, similar to welding and gluing by robots.

Fundamental CTE Certifications for High School Students

zSpace is known for its immersive and highly engaging AR/VR learning experiences. They offer CTE training aligned to NOCTI industry certifications with digital study guides, activities for integrating the technology into your curriculum, and pre and post-tests.

Your students will get an opportunity to earn NOCTI workforce competency credentials in a fun way, along with opportunities to earn college credit recommendations and digital badges.

CNC Certification for High School Students

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a skill that most manufacturing and machine shops need their employees to have. CNC machines, including mills, lathes, and grinders, create customized parts and prototypes used in many products.

Tormach, a leading CNC machine manufacturer, offers the Tormach CNC Certification Program to give students hands-on advanced manufacturing skills with a full-featured CNC controller. Novice learners can be hands-on with the tool from the first day.

3D Printing Certificate for High School Students

Additive manufacturing is a manufacturing method that involves adding materials to create something vs. traditional manufacturing methods that subtract from raw materials. 3D printing is one of the most popular additive manufacturing processes that companies across industries incorporate into their production process. There is a widening gap between additive manufacturing technology and the number of skilled workers who can drive it.

Therefore, Stratasys, the global leader in additive manufacturing, created the Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certificate for students to learn additive manufacturing technologies, design considerations from CAD to CAM, and more. Upon completion, students are prepared for the workforce and receive an industry-recognized certificate, backed by NOCTI, from Stratasys.

Electrical Certification Program for High School Students

To help address the skills gap in the electrical trades, Greenlee, an electrical tool company, created Commercial and Residential Electrical Certifications. These certifications are accredited by NC3, an industry accreditation body, to enrich the development of aspiring electricians by giving them hands-on experiences in a safe and instructed environment.

Students who complete the Greenlee Commercial and Residential Electrical Certifications receive an industry-recognized certificate to improve their employment potential in industries including residential and commercial, construction, building maintenance, and information technologies.

Would you like to offer CTE certifications for students at your New England high school? AET Labs can help you integrate these certifications into your curriculum, identify grant opportunities, train instructors, and provide installation and local service on equipment.

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