KUKA ready2_educate Program

KUKA ready2_educate, industrial robot training

The KUKA ready2_educate is the perfect industrial robot training cell for hands-on education in robotics. It was specially designed for schools, universities and company training facilities. With the mobile training cell, the skilled specialists of tomorrow learn the professional use of industrial robots.

ready2_educate at a glance:

• High flexibility
• Fully equipped
• User-friendly
• Modular design for expansion
• Space-saving
• Plug’n’teach
• Training materials starting at “pro” configuration level


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ready2_educate packages offer you the following advantages:

  • Agile training applications tailored to the KR 3 AGILUS as well as a second application surface for individual tasks
  • Everything in a single package: gripper, magazine with cubes, pen, paper holding frame and “hot wire” practice set
  • Preconfigured and ready for operation – including example programs and exercises
  • Exercises and levels of difficulty can be customized by reconfiguring the modules on the grid of the application plate
  • Cleverly built cell which can fit in any training room

Curriculum Resources

KUKA ready2_educate_Teaching Materials

  • Special teaching materials
  • Suitable to ready2_educate_pro & ready2_educate_advanced
    • Comprising:
      – Students workbooks for 3 Levels
      – Exercises
      – Trainer workbook, solutions and example programs for instructor


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