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The Dual Trace Oscilloscope is an economical and highly reliable solid-state instrument, ideal for general purpose use in laboratory and training applications. Students can measure phase difference between
waveforms using the X-Y operation mode, and video signals can be measured quickly with the special TV sync separation circuit. The Dual Trace Oscilloscope includes CH 1, CH 2, CHOP, and ALT display modes. An operating instruction manual, one fuse, one line cord, and two low-capacitance probes are provided with the oscilloscope.


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Key Features:

  • 15 cm (6 inch) width, high luminance CRT with internal graticule, 8 x 10 divisions
  • Wide dynamic range even at high frequencies of −3 dB
  • Fast rise time with low overshoot
  • Flat frequency response up to half of −3 dB frequency
  • Alternate and chopping display
  • Polarity inversion and algebraic sum of CH1 and CH2
  • Maximum sweep rates of 20 ns/div.
  • Variable scale illumination
  • Delayed sweep function with minimum delay time jitter of 1/20,000 or less
  • Jitterless and superb trigger sensitivity
  • TV sync separation and hold-off circuit useful for video signal observation
  • Brightness modulation available with Z-axis input
  • Low drift with compensation circuitry
  • Signal delay with delay line useful for observation of signal leading edge
  • X-Y phase difference measurement up to 50 kHz

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