Satellite Training System

Satellite Operations and Communications

The Satellite Communications Training System is a versatile telecommunications training platform designed to teach modern telecommunications technologies in the classroom using a fully operational satellite link. The transmitter, receiver, and satellite repeater operate at realistic uplink and downlink frequencies and at safe power levels.

Topic coverage:

  • Satellite communication fundamentals
  • Analog and digital transmission
  • Link characteristics and performance
  • Satellite payloads and telemetry
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Satellite orbits and coverage
  • Antenna alignment for geostationary satellites
  • Troubleshooting


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The system allows students to observe and study a wide range of telecommunications concepts such as digital and analog modulation, scrambling, differential encoding, and frequency conversion as well as concepts specifically related to satellite communications.

Key Features

  • Provides hands-on, system-level training in telecommunications and satellite communications technologies.
  • Realistic system reflecting the standards and modulation types used in modern satellite communications systems.
  • Uses license-free transmission and low power levels for complete safety.
  • Can be interfaced with external analog or digital equipment.
  • Fault-insertion capability in the Earth Station Transmitter, Earth Station Receiver, and Satellite Repeater (via telemetry) allows the teaching of troubleshooting.
  • Comprehensive courseware provides theory and step-by-step laboratory procedures.
  • Includes both analog and digital modulators/demodulators to provide an analog or digital link from transmitter to repeater to receiver.
  • The analog link uses Wideband FM Modulation allowing transmission and reception of analog (e.g. audio or video) signals. The 10 MHz bandwidth is sufficient for transmission of composite video or multiplexed (FDM) signals from external equipment.
  • …and much more…

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