Electromechanical Training Systems

Electric Machines and Power Circuits

The Electromechanical Training System combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control to provide unrivaled training in electromechanical systems. Training is oriented toward today’s competence requirements, including electricity fundamentals (i.e., dc power circuits), single-phase and three-phase ac power circuits, power transformers, three-phase transformer banks, permanent magnet dc motors, three-phase rotating machines (induction machine and synchronous machine), and power factor correction.

The training system teaches the principles of three-phase rotating machines. To this end, students follow a complete curriculum that includes these topics:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of electricity, beginning with dc power circuits and ac power circuits.
  • More advanced courses that cover different concepts and devices important to the study of three-phase rotating machines, such as single-phase and three-phase ac power circuits, single-phase and three-phase power transformers, and power factor correction.
  • Courses that cover the operation of different rotating machines, such as permanent-magnet dc motors, induction machines, and synchronous machines.
  • Optional courses that cover less common machines, such as conventional dc machines, universal motors, and single-phase induction motors.


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Key Features

The training system includes two highly versatile USB peripherals:

  • Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply, Model 8960-2. This module is used as a dc and ac power source. it can also be mechanically coupled to all rotating machines to operate as a prime mover or brake.
  • Data Acquisition and Control Interface, Model 9063. This module gives access to a large variety of computer-based measuring instruments via the LVDAC-EMS software.
  • The course curriculum of the Electric Power Technology Training Program is highly flexible and allows a multitude of different customized training solutions.
  • The courseware includes student manuals and instructor guides with all the theory required to perform the hands-on experiments.
  • and much more…

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