April 03, 2020

Festo Live Webinar Series: Innovative eLearning Solutions for High-Tech Industrial Careers

Festo Didactic is kicking off a month-long free webinar series to support the efforts of students and educators adapting to a new e-Learning environment.

In these rapidly changing times, the topic of preparing students for careers in a 21st century industrial landscape is more pertinent than ever.  Themes will include a deep-dive into Mind-Sight, LVISM, Industry 4.0, Industrial Pneumatics, and FluidSIM software.

Webinar Update: Festo’s live webinar series will cover the following topics:

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Sign-up closes 48 hours prior to each webinar.


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In addition to the webinar series, Festo Didactic is providing complimentary 3 month access to eLearning through MindSight, as well as free simulation programs for students to conduct virtual hands on activities. For more information on implementing Mind-Sight into your new e-Learning curriculum contact us

Details on course offerings and links to access the Mind-Sight platform click here.