June 24, 2024
Registration Open

2024 MAVA Conference: Connecting for Success

AET Labs will be joining the MAVA conference again as an exhibitor and presenter. Stop by our booth and attend our workshops:

Demonstrating the KG ProTech Test & Train System for Automotive Instructors

KG Test & Train turns any car into a training center! This new and innovative technology can be connected to almost any modern vehicle including electric & hybrid cars, light duty & heavy duty trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, and more. All simulations use the vehicle’s own systems making them extremely realistic and very close to a real problem. Demonstrate a complex ABS problem or a common injection pump fault – effortlessly.

Robots and Automation Technology in the new Advanced Manufacturing Frameworks

The term Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) was coined back in the 1970's, which led to the development of robots being used to interact with CNC mills and lathes. Although this technology has been in use for decades, it has always required a large investment in equipment and an engineer with a highly specialized skill set to properly set up and program,.. until now. In this session, we'll pay tribute to the history of robot machine tending, we'll highlight the new advances that are democratizing the use of robots and explore a range of solutions available for educators.