June 11, 2018

Stratasys' On-Demand Webinar: How do we bridge the additive manufacturing skills gap?

The Workforce Development Challenge: Bridging the Additive Manufacturing Skills Gap: Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification Program

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential to transform manufacturing supply chains – speeding processes and reducing costs. And its impact is seen across every industry, from aerospace to medical devices. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked aspects of AM is developing its future workforce.

Now available on-demand, this pre-recorded session explores the widening gap between AM technology and the skilled workforce to drive it. Discussions will highlight key requirements for education to keep pace with rapidly evolving manufacturing processes. In addition to analyzing the lack of industry-endorsed “proof” for workforce-ready AM skills, the Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification program is introduced.

Hear from:

Jazmine Darden, Instructor, Dunwoody College of Technology
Vince Anewenter, Rapid Prototyping Consortium, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Gina Scala, Director of Education, Stratasys

Who Should Listen to this Webinar:

  • Educators upskilling students to prepare for jobs in the design, engineering and manufacturing fields
  • Educators and leaders at universities, community colleges and technical schools interested in workforce development and what it takes to become an approved certification institution
  • Presidents, deans and provosts looking to implement 3D printing credentials to attract and retain students and faculty

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