March 13, 2018

Inventor of 4D Printing is Keynote Speaker for Dig it. Fab it. Make it.

Ask your students this: What if we could design objects that evolve and adapt to inclement weather instead of fracturing?

The AET Labs team is thrilled to announce Skylar Tibbits, founder of the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT, as this year’s keynote speaker at Dig It. Fab It. Make It., May 3rd at WPI. In this prestigious laboratory, objects in 3D come to life, evolve, adapt to their environment and assemble themselves in contact with water, wind, heat and other terrestrial phenomena.

Honored with multiple distinctions, Skylar is the inventor of 4D printing and a noted TED Talk fellow. Tibbits’ research focuses on self-assembly and programmable material technologies for novel manufacturing, products and construction processes. Currently a Research Scientist in MIT’s Department of Architecture, he teaches graduate and undergraduate design studios and co-teaches “How to Make (Almost) Anything”, a seminar at MIT’s Media Lab.

If the TED Talks below are any indication, the Dig It. Fab It. Make It. audience is in for a treat this year!
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