December 07, 2016

Engineering Tools at AET Labs

Training to work in any engineering field requires years of classes and hours and hours of working in labs with machines and software dedicated to teaching you what it takes to be an engineer. Without hands-on experience and training, it could be nearly impossible to find a job with just an engineering degree. At AET Labs, we offer educational institutions lab equipment, software, and technology that is required for students to learn and be successful in their career. From 3D printers, scanners, injection molding machines, robotics, electrical engineering software, mechanical engineering machines, and more! Read on to read more about what we offer and how it will help your students succeed in any technical career. Contact AET Labs for more information on our products.

Digital Fabrication Labs

AET Labs offers CAD/CAM Design software, plasma cutters, 3D printers and scanners, laser systems, and CNC systems. All of these products can be found at AET Labs and gives your students the opportunity to learn these skills and give them a competitive edge in the job market.

  • CNC Systems, or Computer Numerical Control, is a manufacturing process that uses computers to control machine tools. CNC routers assist in woodworking or cutting soft, flat materials. CNC mills and lathes are used to turn aluminum, brass, or steel.
  • Plasma cutters use extreme heat to cut through surfaces up to one inch thick. AET Labs has plasma cutters that are easy to learn and use.
  • Injection molding products used to manufacture plastic products

Career and Technical Education Labs

We provide a wide variety of products dedicated to training students in the field of automotive technology, aviation, drafting, carpentry, electric power and controls, graphic communications, HVAC, information technology, and more.

  • Renewable energy products include geothermal training systems, building energy management training, introduction to wind power, and refrigeration training systems.
  • Automotive technology products such as brakes, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, and suspension and steering will give your students hands-on experience that professionals in this field require.

Engineering Education

Career and technical education for any engineering field requires a lot of hands-on experience and training and AET Labs will give your students the tools they need to be successful. If your students are just starting out in pre-engineering, or need a four-year degree, we can give you products and equipment that you can be confident in. From civil engineering to electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, robotics engineering, and digital communications, we can provide equipment, software, and materials to ensure a solid education.

Shop at AET Labs today to find the tools you need for your students to succeed.