May 16, 2016
6 min read

New to 3D Printing? Here are a Few of the Ways that AET Labs is Here to Help.

If you’re the proud new owner of a 3D printer and you’re new to digital fabrication, there’s good news. AET Labs offers technical support for your machine to further you in your goal to provide an engineering education while working towards career training. We’ve gladly made widespread investments in our staff in order to support your recent purchase. If you’ve purchased a 3D printer (or any of our other great products), our factory certified technical engineers know everything necessary to ensure that your machine is working right. From troubleshooting to repairing your equipment, we work past your warranty to enhance your purchase through creative maintenance and the service care programs that we offer.

If you’re looking for manuals, troubleshooting guides, data sheets, or other help for your machine, check out our technical documentation for everything you could possibly need! Perhaps you just need to speak to a tech. If that’s the case, head over to this form to submit a question for one of our techs and we’ll get back to you.

Maybe you’d rather visit us and get the full breakdown. Maybe learning in person is more up your alley. AET Labs offer a wide variety of technical training programs so that our customers can get the most out of their equipment. From remote one-day workshops to on-site industry certifications, we’ve got your specific needs covered. If you’re in the New England area, we offer on-site training and technical workshops so that you know exactly how to use your 3D printer. We’re also happy to be able to offer exceptional manufacturer-specific and industry certification programs. Our workshops provide customers with an up-close look at technological breakthroughs and other ways that 3D printing is making waves in your industry. We have industry experts on hand to answer any questions you could possibly have. Visit this page for a complete list of our upcoming events and start planning ahead to be here and gain all of the knowledge you’ll need.

If you’re ready to begin teaching with your new equipment, we’ve got a catalog of curriculum resources. Take a look at our guides for a number of different suggested topics; whatever you need to teach on, subject matter experts have all of your bases covered. Of course we’re always open to suggestions. If there’s a specific topic you’d like to see covered, don’t hesitate to let us know what topics you’re ready to learn about. Because we’re always adding to our list of topics, please be sure to visit our curriculum resources page regularly for updated materials.

Perhaps you just need to order a 3D printed part. We can help with that, too. Simply upload your file, select your print options, confirm your order details, and review. Whatever your needs might be, we’ll get you exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for career training on your 3D printer, wire bending machine, fabrication tools, or any other product, AET Labs is here for you. From consumables to Stratasys 3D Printers, our online store is always open. Contact us any time for an instant quote.