January 12, 2016

Pairing Together Technology And Education For Mechatronics Success

Take the guessing out of developing substantial skills in mechatronics and the application in education. Get involved with your learning by continuing to make yourself a better instructor. AET Labs is known for the convergence of both industry and education, which is why we make it part of our company to provide seminars to teach you how to use our 3D printing systems and other programs efficiently.

Coming up in February, we are featuring Principles of Mechatronics Technology as an instructor workshop for professional development. It is targeting tech-ed instructors, electrical and pre-engineering instructors for CTE programs, and automation, robotics, and engineering technology professors from local technical colleges.

We’ll show you how to merge mechatronics technology with STEM and vocational curriculum for superior integration of technology and education. Our core focus will be the use of automation and robotic technology using FESTO Didactic equipment. During a 7-hour session, our professional instructors will take you through a set of interactive labs that embrace pneumatics, sensors, mechanical systems, PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), and much more. You’ll have hands-on work with expert instruction. As always, you get out what you put in, so come prepared to learn and play with mechatronics.

Principles of Mechatronics Training Schedule
South Portland, ME on 9 February 2016
Burlington, MA on 10 February 2016
Claremont, NH on 16 February 2016
New Britain, CT on 18 February 2016
Worcester, MA on 24 February 2016

Visit our event page to learn more about the workshop or improve your classroom by adding 3D printing systems for great, hands-on learning.

Click here to register for the Principles of Mechatronics Technology professional development workshop.