November 15, 2014

Crazy Things People Have Created With 3D Printing Systems

Here at AET Labs, we’re founded on the principle of bringing real world industry experience into the technical training environment and our technology consultants and product solutions reflect this exact premise. 3D printing systems are officially here and here to stay. It’s an exciting time for us. 3D printing systems have been a part of the aerospace and automotive industry for over 25 years but now it’s finding its way into office and homes. Today we’re going to showcase some of the awe-inspiring creations by 3d printing systems.

Musical instruments
Fully functional keyboards, bass guitars, electric guitars, and drum sets have now all been created by 3D printers. Then, they were all played together in a band in Germany!

Synthetic food
While this doesn’t sound too appetizing (although we’re probably being served synthetic food by fast food restaurants), we’ve been able to create synthetic food with 3D printing systems. NASA has even funded an initiative to develop food that astronauts can consume in space and food nutritionists have been working with the US military to produce ready-to-eat meals with 3D printers. The future is surely now!

Yes, that’s right: guns. A 3D printed firearm has been created by a company called Defense Distributed. The gun, called The Liberator, is made from 16 different plastic parts and the body and barrel only take a few hours to make.

This is the most exciting thing in our opinion that’s been creating. We’re talking about skin, bones, ears – you name it! This is a very exciting time for the medical field and those who need limbs or other reconstructive surgery.