October 15, 2014

3D Printing Systems Use Tomorrow's Tech Today

Odds are you’re aware of 3d printing systems, but maybe you’re not entirely sure how the technology works, or if it’s right for you. Essentially, a 3D printer utilizes technology that enables you to print an object made out of metal, plastic, nylon or hundreds of other materials. While there are several varieties of 3D printers, one aspect they all share is the ability to create a three-dimensional object by building it layer by layer. until the full object is complete. Printing on a sheet of paper utilizes 2 dimensions. This technology adds a third dimension-the z-axis or up. Each printed layer is a very thinly sliced, horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. Visualize a multi-layer cake. The baker lays down each layer one at a time until the entire cake has been constructed. 3D printing utilizes the same principle, but it’s a bit more precise.

Just like a 2D printer, a 3D printer needs a file containing instructions of what to print. This file is called a CAD, or Computer Aided Design file, and it’s created by using a 3D modeling program. When the file is sent to the printer, software “slices” the design into thousands of horizontal layers. The layers are printed one atop the other, then the full object is complete.

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