June 30, 2014

Use Digital Fabrication for your next Art Project

Are you searching for an innovative way to become artistic? If so, you have indeed come to the right place. With our 3D printers you can do just that! Digital fabrication is a must if you are wanting to create some pretty epic pieces of art or other great items that will catch the eye. Some of you who are reading this blog might not know much about digital fabrication, so let us explain.

To put it simply, digital fabrication is a manufacturing process. During this process a machine is used that is controlled by a computer to create and print your design. There are many different reasons for using digital fabrication, in this instance today though, we will speak of using digital fabrication with our 3D printers to create an amazing piece of art that people with rave about. With our 3D printers you will be able to build layers of metal or plastic to create the piece of a lifetime. During this process you can get creative and let your imagination take over!

A great 3D printer that can do this job for you is the Stratasy 360mc 3D Production Machine 2. With this fancy 3D printer you will be able to receive the tight positional accuracy you are looking for when it comes to your artistic touch. Not only that, but the printer has the strength to last for the many years to come. Does this sound like a product you want to take a peek at? Visit us online here to read more detailed information regarding this digital fabrication 3D printer.