February 24, 2014

AET Labs' Hands on Learning with Engineering Education Tools

We all know that in order to become an engineer, you need to know your stuff. You have to be smart and know all the ins and outs of technology and more. Here at AET Labs, we make learning easier. We have premier engineering educational tools that can help students learn.  We have many different engineering educational tools for Civil, Control, Electrical, Mechanical, Manufacturing & Industrial, and Robotics engineering. With all the great tools we have to education your engineering students, we know that they will learn and be able to pick up engineering as a whole, faster.

To take a deeper look into our engineering education tools. Lets take a look at the Control Engineering tools.  The most popular tool in this field in the TQ Thermal Control Preces Apparatus (CE103).  With this easy to use and teach tool, your students of all different educational levels will be able to investigate the advanced and basic principles of control. This tool is a compact bench mountain temperature control apparatus. You can view this product here and decide whether it’d be right for your students.  Another engineering educational tool is the Power Electronics System. With this great education tool you can teach your students with a design approach. This tool should be used with students whom have electric power technology and sound knowledge. To view more details about this educational tool, view it here.

Stop by AET Labs’ online store today to view many other educational tools for technical and engineering degrees,as well as all of the best 3D printers for 3D printing available out there on the market.