December 17, 2013

Technical Educational Tools

If you are looking for some Technical Educational Tools to integrate into your teaching, look no further. At AET Labs we have many different technical educational tools to use and help students. We have over 300 different products that can help with the learning process in areas of automotive, aviation, carpentry, graphic communications, and electricity. Lets talk automotive educational tools, what do we have and how can they help?  One tool we have is the Megatech Automotive Brake System Trainer.  This educational tool is complete hands on training. This tool gives and helps with areas of servicing and replacing parts such as adjusting brakes, servicing master cylinders, and replacing hoses and tubes.  This tool because very helpful in a classroom setting by letting students get hands on training and become active with one another while creating automotive skills.  Another great tool is the Megatech Hybrid and Alternative Fuels Program.  With this machine, you will achieve great knowledge with hybrid and alternative fuel technology.  If you would like to get a quote on the machinery to help your students learn please visit their product pages and “request a quote.” If you have further questions please contact us by going to our contact page online.