September 05, 2017
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Tour Desktop Metal with AET Labs

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On October 4th AET Labs will be hosting a tour of Desktop Metal at their sleek new facility in Burlington, MA. Come and speak with the experts in metal 3DP, tour the facility and see this revolutionary technology in action.

When: October 4, 2017 from 8:30-11:30am

Where: Desktop Metal, 63 3rd Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Released on September 5, 2017 –

AET Labs Partners with Desktop Metal as a Education Reseller in New England

This week Desktop Metal stealth-launched, not one, but two new 3D metal printing solutions. Each cover the full product life cycle – from prototyping to mass production. With the ability to print metal in high resolution in over 200 alloys, and accelerated printing speeds (over 100x faster than laser based systems!), this technology is poised to disrupt the advanced manufacturing industry, offering dramatic cost reductions. 

We are beyond pleased to announce our partnership with DM as a value-added reseller for New England’s education sector. We will be offering training, as well as introductions & tours for interested administrators in the technical education & medical research and development field.

DM has successfully introduced a 3DP machine that falls deftly into place in an Industry 4.0 workplace, with exciting implications for advanced manufacturing education. Imagine, an orthopedic surgeon being able to take an MRI, send the scan to a CAD technician to prepare a file for 3D Printing, and develop a custom implant solution which can be printed on-site in a matter of hours, complete with tooling and fixtures. Envision the reduced risk for a start-up company being able to print metal parts on demand, adjusting organically to customer needs, instead of gambling on market projections.

The Desktop Metal Studio System

A whole new mindset will be needed to adapt to this additive manufacturing game-changer in order to prepare students with practical skills vital to the modern advanced manufacturing workplace. Our aim is to help provide support and guidance, to educators wishing to be early adopters of this future-thinking technology.

The DM Studio System Launching in 2017

The world’s first office-friendly system designed to bring metal 3D printing to the shop floor. 10x less expensive than conventional systems, the DM Studio System allows engineering and design teams to make metal parts faster. By eliminating the use of lasers and powders, the system is safe for any facility. As a complete solution, the DM Studio System also includes a fully-automated, office-friendly sintering furnace with fast cycle times and a peak temperature of 1400° C, allowing for the sintering of a wide variety of metals.

Through the integration of software, hardware, and materials science innovations, the 3D printer and furnace make it possible to simplify printing and post-processing.

The DM 3D Metal Printing Production System

The DM Production System  Available in 2018

The first metal 3D printing system for mass production, delivering the speed, accuracy, and per-part cost needed to compete with traditional manufacturing. Based on a new approach to metal 3D printing, Single Pass Jetting, the DM Production System builds metal parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours with high precision, single-pass technology. At 100x the speed of today’s fastest metal, laser-based additive systems, the DM Production System offers improved throughput capabilities of up to 500 cubic inches per hour.

CAT_Parts-Side-by-SideWe are excited to help instructors in advanced manufacturing programs across New England integrate this cutting edge technology through our training partnership with Desktop Metal.

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