October 04, 2023
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Going Beyond Form, Fit, and Function with P3 3D Printing


Join us for a meetup with local educators for networking, project sharing, and interactive discussions. We'll start by taking a look at what makes the Stratasys Origin One a standout amongst a seemingly infinite ocean of resin 3D printers.

The Origin One is a transformative 3D printer enabling mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials. Learn how your lab can achieve industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail and throughput.

Stratasys Origin One project example

We'll then explore the fundamentals of P3 technology and how companies across industries use it. We'll also cover some thoughtful insights about part design and showcase some exciting functional prints. If you're on the fence about resin printing, let us help you make up your mind!  

Who Should Join?

This meetup is for New England educators interested in advanced 3D printing applications related to R&D of new materials, functional designs, and manufacturing.

This is a free in-person event.

About the Host

Nicholas Amos, AET Labs

Nick using CAD software

Nicholas Amos is the Applications Specialist at AET Labs, leading our professional development and training programs with educators in New England. With nearly a decade of experience in 3D printing, machining, and designing in CAD, he transitioned his hobbies to a career. He has honed his skills in engineering, designing, programming, machining, and more. In parallel, he has continued to grow his personal workshop where, nearly seven days a week, he can be found elbows deep in a myriad of projects: soldering PCBs, rebuilding machine tools, resin & FDM printing, pursuing mechanical horology, RC stuff with the kids, and more.