June 28, 2023
Registration Closed

MAVA Connecting for Success 2023 Conference

AET Labs attended the MAVA Connecting for Success annual conference and presented the following topics on Wednesday, June 28th:

Getting Started with Programmable Logic Controllers

Workshop with: David Kempskie, Principal and Founder of AET Labs

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are considered the "brains" for robotics and automation systems. Becoming proficient in selecting, programming, and applying PLCs, as well as learning about the subtle differences between popular brands, programming languages, power supplies, I/O blocks, cable connectors, mounting options, etc., can quickly overwhelm almost anyone. However, approaching this technology in a step-by-step manner, makes it possible to overcome some of the perceived obstacles and make some quick wins for you and your students. Learn how in this session!

Using AR/VR and Mixed Reality in the Classroom

Workshop with: Mark Lyons, VP of Sales at AET Labs

We will showcase new technology for the classroom that will enhance the way students learn: Anatomage for teaching anatomy, CM Labs virtual construction trainers, and zSpace, a mixed-reality learning station that brings lesson plans to life. These platforms are sure to keep students engaged and motivated. Try some of them out!