Festo LX

Festo LX is the online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

Connected Learning creates a new dimension in learning with a seamless connection between the virtual and real worlds. Combine familiar learning methods, such as classroom-based learning, hands-on learning, and self-study, while erasing the boundary between theory and practice through direct interaction of software and hardware.

How Festo LX from Festo Didactic makes life easier for educational institutions and teachers:

  • Receive ready-to-use, modular, curated, and didactically prepared learning content for various fields of technical education.
  • Customize your courses and easily create new ones based on learning nuggets.
  • Provide a motivating, convenient, and innovative learning experience to your students through modern learning methods.
  • Support your learners individually in heterogeneous learning groups by observing each learner’s progress.
  • Manage your learners’ competencies and test the acquired knowledge with quizzes and tests.
  • Easily manage your institution’s equipment and receive recommendations for related courses based on your learning systems.
  • Receive a wide range of learning content and courses, both standalone or hardware-related depending on your equipment.


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Festo Learning Experience for teachers and learners to access and customized learning experience for Industry 4.0 skills.


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