Electromechanical Training System Simulation Software

LVSIM®-EMS replicates the EMS electromechanical training system – students conduct real experiments with virtual equipment.

Sophisticated mathematical models fully simulate the electrical and mechanical characteristics of all the actual EMS modules: power supplies, motors, generators, transformers, electrical and mechanical loads, etc. All modules simulated in the LVSIM-EMS software feature the same front panel information as the actual EMS modules.

Used either as a complement to the actual EMS laboratory equipment, or as a stand-alone product, LVSIM-EMS is a cost-effective tool that enables students to perform the same exercises as in the courseware of the below-mentioned training systems

    • Computer-Assisted 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training System, Model 8006
    • DC and AC Power Circuits Training System, Model 8010-1
    • Electromechanical Training System, Model 8010-9
    • AC Power Transmission Training System, Model 8010-B


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Features & Benefits

  • Replicates the Electromechanical Training System, enabling students to perform actual experiments using virtual equipment
    • Install, move, and remove EMS modules in and from the workstation
    • Modify module connections at any time and change the color of wires
    • Install a timing belt between two EMS machines
    • Verify module connections using a tool that highlights all wires connected to a same circuit point
    • Perform measurements of voltage, current, power, speed, torque, impedance, resistance, reactance, and frequency and display the values on digital or analog meters
    • Record measurements in a data table and plot graphs using the recorded data
    • Display waveforms on a multi-channel oscilloscope and ac voltages and currents as phasors
  • Students prepare for laboratories in advance using virtual equipment, thereby decreasing the time they require to perform the exercises using actual equipment
  • Decreases the quantity of actual equipment required per student
  • Allows students to practice with EMS equipment operation and connection at home on a personal computer
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