Antenna Training and Measuring System

Convenient and Powerful Benchtop System

The complete Antenna Training and Measuring System includes a set of 1 GHz antennas, a set of 10 GHz antennas, an RF Generator, a receiving system, and the Data Acquisition and Management Software for Antennas (LVDAM-ANT), a user-friendly software operating under the Microsoft® Windows™ environment. The receiving system consists of a rotating Antenna Positioner linked to a Data Acquisition Interface connected to the USB port of a personal computer.

Topic coverage:

  • Basic antenna measurements
  • Measurement and display of antenna radiation pattern
  • Experimentation with different antenna types
  • Microstrip and array antennas
  • Optional multi-beam array antenna
  • Optional two elements antenna phasing


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The system is designed for low power operation, both in the 1 GHz and 10 GHz bands (specifically at 915 MHz and at 10.5 GHz), allowing measurements of antenna characteristics in these bands. The data acquisition interface controls the antenna positioner and acquires the received antenna signal.

Key Features

  • Stand-alone system that does not require an anechoic chamber
  • Microwave devices and components are fabricated from electroless-plated brass to standard X-band waveguide dimensions
  • Waveguide flanges are joined by precision quick fasteners, allowing rapid assembly and disassembly of microwave circuits
  • and much more…

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