Wind Turbine Dynamics

Investigation into the foundations of wind turbine energy conversion

This is a versatile, compact apparatus for teaching the fundamentals of kinetic wind energy conversion into electrical power. Flexibility is at the core, it has a castor-mounted frame for mobility and functionality and allows students to 3D-print their own blades for advanced experimentation.

Comprehensive demonstration and investigation into the foundations of wind turbine energy conversion including:
• The relationship between turbine speed and wind velocity (TSR)
• Effect of blade pitch on turbine performance
• Effect of yaw angle on turbine performance
• Blade performance characteristics of different profiled blades
• Blade design theory


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Image of wind turbine generator

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Features & Benefits

  • Flexible packages to match specific training needs and budget
  • Top of the line data acquisition and control interface designed for learning purposes
  • Wind turbine emulator embedded in a flexible dynamometer
  • Real wind turbine parts in safe working environment
  • Safe grounding methods between the modules
  • Modular approach allowing for expansion to other topics, such as solar power
  • Courseware available as eLab courses on Festo LX or in print or PDF format

Versatile Data Acquisition System

For high-capacity, accurate, efficient data collecting

Key Features:

• Modern, cost-effective automatic data acquisition hardware, software and accessories to enhance teaching and laboratory sessions
• Real-time traces, data capture, monitoring and display of your experiment readings on a computer (PC)
• Intuitive and easy-to-use software, with clear, customizable display and layout options
• Automatic calculation, recording, charting and data export for efficient use of students’ and lecturers’ time
• Available in both frame-mounting and bench-top options for convenience
• Similar software layout for all VDAS® compatible products – no need to learn new software when changing experiments


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