EMCO Concept Turn 260

CNC Training with Industrial Performance

As a systematic advancement of the CT250, the EMCO Concept Turn 260 convinces by its extreme solid machine bed, a thermosymmetric spindle head, precision spindle bearing, preloaded roller guides in all axes and a fast tool turret. The interchangeable control EMCO WinNC for all current industrial controls completes the machine.


  • PC-controlled CNC turning machine
  • Extremely solid machine base, top
  • Highest precision
  • Compact construction
  • USB and ethernet interface integrated
  • Servo-motor technology in all axes
  • New drive generation from Siemens
  • Siemens Safety Integrated


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  • Chip conveyor
  • 3-jaw chuck Ø 95 mm (3.7″)
  • Collet chuck 385 E
  • Automatic door
  • Integration into FMS and CIM systems using DNC and robotic interface
  • Attractive tool packages for the TC and TCM versions
  • Coolant equipment


Control Systems

[The interchangeable control]

The unique concept of the interchangeable control can be fitted to all Concept machines. In doing so, the user is trained on all CNC industry controls that are common on the market. The result: All CNC technicians can be applied more flexibly. And this is a decisive plus: for qualified employees as well as for the business.


[Easy2control: New operating concept]

It is also possible to equip the machine with the latest software of the interchangeable control, with which control specific and machine keyboards of the WinNC can be displayed on a 16:9 Full-HD screen – Easy2control. The different panels for machine, control and quick access can be switched via tabs. The buttons and rotary knobs can either be operated by using the mouse or in case a Full HD touchscreen is used directly on the keys and switches on the monitor. To operate the software on the Concept machine a license dongle and a small machine control panel – “Easy2operate“ – is required.



Curriculum Resources

3 Levels of CNC Training from EMCO and Siemens

These ready-to-go packages include:

  • Accessories, work holding, extended tooling packages
  • Extended warranty
  • Continuous applications and programming training by EMCO, SIEMENS technicians
  • Full SIEMENS CNC manufacturer’s certification program for instructors and students
  • Multi-student license of Siemens Sinutrain software

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