Live Arc System

Welding Performance Management System

The reality-based recruiting, screening, training, and re-qualification solution for industrial, manufacturing and educational markets. While utilizing a live arc, the intuitive system promotes user independence and provides objective, quantitative feedback on key performance parameters. Independent usage accelerates personal development. Accelerated training times put trainees in production lines faster while shorter educational periods allow trainees to focus on additional learning opportunities.

Base system includes:

  • SmartGun with 15 ft. (4.6 m) cable
  • Calibration tool
  • Two table clamps
  • C-clamp assembly
  • Removable arm extension for right- and left-hand applications
  • Extra Bernard consumables:
    – Five each of .035, .045 and .052 in. contact tips
    – One each of 5/8-bore 1/8-stickout, 5/8-bore 1/8-recess, and 5/8-bore flush heavy-duty nozzle


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Powerful industrial computer at the heart of the system features solid-state technology and filterless, fanless cooling. Compatible with Miller power sources.

Motion-tracking cameras provide feedback on gun parameters and accommodate flexible coupon placement.

Touch screen monitor works with a gloved hand and features a 21.5-inch widescreen HD display

SmartGun is a glove-friendly, industry-exclusive 400-amp MIG gun featuring built-in LEDs that are tracked by the system’s cameras. The ergonomic soft-grip handle provides tactile vibration feedback that helps guide real-time performance adjustments, reinforcing optimal position and movement.

SmartStinger extends training capabilities to the SMAW process. LiveArc guides pre-weld positioning for travel and work angles via the LiveArc display.

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