Techno HD II CNC Router

HD Series Benchtop CNC Router

The HD-II Table top machine includes a 2HP HSD high frequency collet spindle, and a  vacuum t-slot table, which allows for mechanical clamping/vacuum hold down. The gantry height is 7-1/2″, which provides maximum flexibility to route sheet goods and larger taller parts. The machine drive motors are Nema 34 high powered brushless motors, thus providing the power to route any wood, plastic, foam, or non-ferrous metal. The controller is a stand-alone hand held controller. The buttons on the controller are all pre-programmed to perform certain machine instruction, thus making machine operations easy to learn and use.


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  • 20” x 30” Process Area
  • Precision ball screws on all three axes
  • 2 HP HSD high frequency collet spindle
  • Brushless micro stepper motors and controls
  • Vacuum T-slot table for easy part fixturing
  • Easy-to-use hand held controller
  • Automatic tool calibration pad
  • Precision linear rails and bearings

                                                                       Optional steel base and enclosure


Technical Details:

  • X Axis Travel = 21.0″
  • Y Axis Travel = 36.0″
  • Z Axis Travel = 9.5″
  • Gantry Clearance = 7.5″
  • Max cutting speed: 150 in/min
  • Traverse speed: 200 in/min
  • Accuracy = +/- .002
  • Power requirements: 110V
  • Weight (without enclosure): 250lbs

VCarve Pro CAD/CAM for Routering

VCarve Pro gives you all the functionality of Cut2D Pro plus the ability to create designs with VCarving, textures as well as the ability to import and machine unlimited Vectric 3D clipart or single model files. VCarve Pro edition gives you unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets, ideally suited to a production environment


Recommended: 40-seat class license

Click here for info on VCarve Pro



  • PC
  • Router Bit Set
  • Graphics Software (VCarve or equivalent)
  • Consumables


  • Vacuum hold-down pump
  • Steel base with casters
  • Full safety enclosure
  • 1 1/2 HP dust collector


  • Cam Clamp
  • Clamp bar
  • Vise
  • Toggle clamp set (4 pc)
  • Coolant system
  • 4th Axis rotary table with tailstock
Instructor Training


  • Machine set-up and operation (2 hrs)
  • VCarve Basics (4-6 hrs)


  • Advanced applications (4-6 hrs)
Curriculum Resources

AET Labs Custom Lesson Plans

  • Basic operation tutorials
  • Application examples
  • Project ideas

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