Apolo Augmented Reality Weld Trainer

Augmented Welding

The Apolo WeldTrainer is a welding simulator aimed for the vocational training world. Using cutting edge technology and real time motion tracking systems, Weldtrainer allows the user to be immersed into a welding room where virtual welding can be performed in real time in the same way that in real life.

WeldTrainer simulates SMAG, MIGMAG and TIG welding. SMAG welding includes the simulation of electrodes of 2,50 mm, 3,25 mm and 4 mm. For all the welding styles, the simulator offers several modules with an undetermined number of exercises inside to perform and practice a number of scenarios:

  • Deposition of weld beads on plates in PA position
  • Fillet welds
  • Butt welds of plates
  • Pipe welding
  • Theory test module


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Benefits of Augmented Welding

  • The student performs a higher number of actual welding hours because all of the hours taught using the simulator involve actual welding (no need to change parts, wait for them to cool, remove slag, etc).
  • The training process cost is reduced. The simulator shortens the training time and heavily reduces the consumption of materials.
  • Every possible accident or dangerous situation is completely avoided with the use of the simulator.
  • The initial learning curve for students is faster. Students can understand and master faster and better the key aspects of welding (such as distance, angles and welding speed control).
  • Different types of welding (SMAG, MIGMAG and TIG) in the same device for the same cost.

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