Diman Regional Vocational Technical School

Early adopters of advanced additive manufacturing and robotics for the EDU environment.

Diman Regional Technical Students show off their new 3D Metal Printer from Desktop Metal
Diman Regional is at the forefront of a revolution in how advanced manufacturing is taught. See how this forward thinking school has equipped their students with real-world ready skills using cutting-edge technology.

Diman Regional is used to making headlines at this point. Literally thrust into the spotlight on national television in 2018 during US Rep. Joe Kennedy’s State of the Union response, this school is a shining example of putting the future needs of students first. Administrators consistently do this by giving them access to the same cutting-edge manufacturing tools being utilized by industry leaders.

Along with advanced additive manufacturing technology, Diman is on the forefront of Industry 4.0 education, tasking us with helping them to equip their manufacturing department with a state-of-the-art Kuka Kore robotics training system.

Diman Regional Drafting Department Head Mitchell Sweet explains how they’ve successfully implemented a 3D printing program in conjunction with their CAD education curriculum using the superior capabilities of the Stratasys F123 series. The kicker? As Sweet explains, Diman is already saving money by producing their own 3D printed  replacement parts for other machinery on campus.

The Challenge

Create a premiere program for advanced manufacturing training.

AET Labs was brought on to advise Diman leadership on their tech investment plans. School leadership sought to advance their plans to create a launching pad for students seeking to enter the advanced manufacturing sector at a high-level.


Diman is a regional vocational-technical high school located in southeastern Massachusetts, about mid-way between Cape Cod and Providence, RI. The mission of Diman RVTHS is to develop the unique potential of each learner by enabling students to acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are needed to achieve personal, academic, vocational/technical, and civic goals.

Our Solution

Craft a Technology Plan that Meets the Cutting-Edge Mindset of Students and Educators at Diman RVTHS

We worked with Diman faculty to purchase, install and train staff on advanced digital fabrication equipment, including the first 3D Metal printer installed in a US secondary school.

Tech Used
In the News

The Herald News  | Dec 10, 2018: 3D metal printer offers Diman students unique opportunity


“When we received an advanced manufacturing grant from Governor Baker, AET was a great resource to guide us through the process of design, equipment selection, and installation. Our program is now equipped with equipment that will provide our students with cutting edge technology which will prepare them for college and career readiness.”

Dr. Heidi Riccio, Superintendent-Director
Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School