Attleboro High School

Educating students for jobs of the future at a new 21st-century school

attleboro high school KBA

Aerial view of the Attleboro High School (currently in construction). Photo from KBA Architects.

Attleboro High School (AHS) is modernizing its facility and curriculum with the construction of a new high school, to be completed in 2022. AHS is one of 14 comprehensive schools in Massachusetts, offering traditional general education and Chapter 74 approved Career and Technical Education programs. 

AHS prides itself on its heritage of offering robust Career and Technical Education programs with the highest quality of instruction available. The new school will provide students with greater opportunities for exploring a wide variety of career and technical opportunities, gaining technical skills with industry-leading equipment in a project-based learning environment.  

Keeping up-to-date with labor market trends, the new construction school will bring four additional programs to CTE: Robotics and Automation, Cosmetology, Dental Assistant and Hygienist, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).  

The ultimate goal for the Attleboro High School CTE department is to increase the number of graduating students who complete a CTE program. Students will be a step ahead of other students when applying for jobs with local businesses or admission to post-secondary technical schools or two and four-year colleges. 

The Challenge

Create 14 Modern CTE Shops for a New Construction School 

Administrators at Attleboro High School need cutting-edge shops for a wide range of vocations, including existing programs such as engineering and metal fabrication and new programs such as robotics and automation and HVAC.  

The layouts for the 14 shops need to reflect the modern, timeless design concept by architect Kaestle Boos Associates. And, through high-quality academic instruction, prepare students for jobs or post-secondary school.  

The shops will include a mix of new equipment and existing equipment from the current high school. Equipment across the CTE shops have specific MEP requirements, which need to be addressed during construction in collaboration with Consigli Construction Company. 


Attleboro High School, located in Massachusetts, is one of 14 comprehensive schools in Massachusetts, offering traditional general education and Chapter 74 approved Career and Technical Education programs.

Attleboro High School Building Project
Our Solution

State-of-the-Art CTE Shops for Ongoing Student Engagement 

In close collaboration with the Attleboro High School principal, KBA, and Consigli, AET Labs is contributing to the design and outfitting of 14 CTE shops, which will educate students for various career fields for years to come.  

During the design process, AET Labs was involved in focus group meetings with instructors and administrators to understand their vision for the CTE program. We recommended equipment lists based on feedback from the focus groups and Massachusetts CTE curriculum frameworks. We also proposed space planning layouts to the architect, which were incorporated into their designs. 

While the school is under construction, we are adhering to the budget and timeline as the single source procurement vendor for all 14 CTE shops. We’re coordinating the removal of existing equipment from the old school for reinstallation in the new school, and managing equipment and furniture deliveries, rigging and installation services. We are also attending construction site reviews with the project manager to ensure proper location and timely coordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, all while maintaining a multi-million dollar budget.  

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