August 23, 2022
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Massachusetts Vocational Frameworks: Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

In September 2021, the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Frameworks were updated to guide Chapter 74 state-approved programs on incorporating current business and industry standards, including how to utilize state-of-the-art equipment.

To help Massachusetts CTE educators choose the best equipment, we've gone through the advanced manufacturing framework and compiled a list of recommended industry-standard equipment, technology, and certifications that align with the framework.

Massachusetts Vocational Framework: Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is a field that has gotten more complex in the technical and digital skills needed to be proficient. We recommend this list of equipment and certifications for Massachusetts Chapter 74 advanced manufacturing programs to meet industry standards. These recommendations align with Strand 2 of the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Framework for Advanced Manufacturing, covering technical knowledge and skills. As you will see in the charts below, there are multiple instances where one piece of equipment aligns with multiple standards and objectives.

Tormach CNC Certification Program 

The Tormach CNC Certification Program gives students hands-on advanced manufacturing skills with a full-featured CNC controller.

EMCO CNC Certification Program

Provide your students with training on the basics of turning and milling technology, metal cutting, quality management, and CNC programming with the EMCO CNC Certification Program.

Jet Metalworking Solutions

Jet Metalworking Tools 

Jet metalworking tools are high-quality and reliable woodworking power tools for students to use.


Verisurf 3D Measurement Certification 

With the Verisurf 3D Measurement Certification, students learn job-ready skills in manufacturing inspection, tool building, and reverse engineering needed in today’s Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Energy, and Biomedical industries.

Onshape on any device

Fusion 360 or Onshape 

Autodesk Fusion 360 and OnShape are professional cloud-based CAD and CAM programs that are quick for students to learn.

Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certification Program 

The Stratasys Additive Manufacturing Certificate teaches students additive manufacturing technologies, design considerations from CAD to CAM, and more.

Desktop Metal or XACT Metal 3D Printers 

Teach students about additive manufacturing with metal using Desktop Metal or XACT Metal 3D printers.

Universal Robots cobot palletizing

Universal Robots Skills Certification Program 

With the Universal Robots Skills Certification Program, students gain an understanding of robotics and get a Universal Robots industry-recognized certification upon completion of hands-on training with a Universal Robots collaborative robot and 32 course credit hours of online learning.

Recommended Equipment and Certifications for the Advanced Manufacturing Massachusetts Vocational Framework

Tormach CNC CertEMCO CNC CertJet Metalworking Tools Verisurf 3D Measurement Cert
Fundamentals of Safety in Machine Tool Technology  
2.C Machine Maintenance XXX
2.D Quality Control-Measuring/Inspection
Equipment: Coordinate Measuring Machines, Profilometer, Optical Comparator, Height Guage
2.F Blueprints/Detail Drawings  X
2.G Process Planning X
2. H Machining Operations XX
2.I Power Saw Processes
Equipment: Power Saw 
2.J Finishing Processes XXX
2.K Grinding Processes
Equipment: Surface Grinder, Bench Grinder 
2.L Lathe Processes 
Equipment: Conversational and CNC Lathes
2.M Milling Processes
Equipment: Conversational and CNC Mills  
2.P CNC Programming 
Equipment: Conversational CNC Mills/Lathes, Simulators
2.R CNC Machine Set Up and Operations 
Equipment: CNC Mills, CNC Lathes
2.S Advanced CNC Set Up and Operations 
Equipment: 4 and 5 Axis Mills, Live Tooling Lathes, Probing Systems 
Fusion 360 or Onshape Stratasys Additive Manufacturing CertDesktop or XACT Metal 3D PrintersUniversal Robots Skills Cert
2.N Computer Aided Drafting and Design 
Equipment: CAD Software
2.O Additive Manufacturing Process 
Equipment: Additive Manufacturing
2.Q Computer Aided Manufacturing 
Equipment: CAM Software
2.U Robotics X

AET Labs specializes in helping CTE programs create and sustain their labs and shops. To make sure your Chapter 74 programs are using industry-standard equipment that aligns with the Massachusetts Vocational Framework for Advanced Manufacturing, schedule a consultation with us. We provide all equipment and certifications recommended on this list, and we offer local service and professional development training for the instructors.