Robotiq CNC Machine Tending Solution

Rethink The Way You Automate Your CNC Machine

Automating a CNC machine can be overwhelmingly complicated. The Robotiq solution guides you through programming from start to finish, making a complex application simple.

No need to open or alter your machine in any way; external modules manage communication with the machine interface, meaning it will work with any brand of CNC machine. This approach greatly reduces deployment time.

  • Universal Robots UR5e, UR10e or UR16e with dual Robotiq electric grippers
  • Adjustable Vention machine tending stand with standard grid plate
  • Core Integration kit  (includes button actuators, stack light detector, pneumatic panel, machine interface, MT controller and cable management package).
  • Universal Robot CORE Track e-Series Training
  • All integration services for connecting to your CNC machine
  • Comprehensive on-site training by AET Labs factory trained applications specialist
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Teach your students the future of CNC automation

  • A minimally invasive, integration solution for teaching CNC machine tending.
  • Easily integrates with your Tormach, HAAS Mini Mill or Lathe. Other brands can be reviewed for compatibility as well.
  • Extreme ease-of-use powered by Robotiq CAP. No coding or programming experience necessary.
  • Mobile cart and safe collaborative robot arm = portability and versatility
  • Optional UR Industry Certification program available.
  • Optional add-on applications available for metrology, assembly, on-demand deployment and more.

The Robotiq UR Controller Application

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