Virtual INDUS Electrical Qualification Training

Learning step by step

VIRTUAL INDUS Electrical Accreditation reproduces a virtual room in which the trainee can practice electrical intervention procedures in a safe industrial environment. The system also provides you with all the follow-up and control tools to track your trainees’ progression, evaluate their activity and test their skills.

Learning Variables:

  • The exercise execution time
  • The safety instructions compliance
  • The equipment choice relevance
  • The theoretical knowledge (MCQs)


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  • Significantly cut your training costs
  • Strongly reduce the accidents’ risks
  • Increase your trainees’ practice time
  • Fully customize each trainee’s learning path
  • Increase your training attractivity with a playful solution
  • Evaluate your trainees’ competencies acquisition in real-time

Vulcan LMS

VULCAN is the only platform that allows managing all your simulators dedicated to vocational skills learning.

Save a significant amount of time by rapidly and easily setting your training paths and exercises, directly from the platform. Immediately detect your trainees’ weaknesses and adjust the training to each one of them: VULCAN analyzes your trainees’ performances with precision and in real-time while they are executing an exercise. It provides you with all the information needed to increase efficiency and flexibility. A real asset for your training, start using VULCAN, the only intelligent digital assistant that accompanies you in your job.

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