TQ Engineering Sciences

Experimental Equipment for Teaching Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

The engineering science range is a modular system of experimental kits that address the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering including:

  • Forces and moments
  • Materials testing
  • Vibration, friction and energy
  • Simple machines
  • Mechanisms

The high quality, robust ‘kits’ are suitable for teaching STEM principles at a beginner level, while remaining relevant for familiarization at a post-graduate level. All the hardware required to do experiments related to a particular topic are contained within a kit. These are presented in a storage tray with a purpose-made insert and checklist to ensure all of the parts are returned at the end of the lab session.


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A Complete Tutor-Friendly Solution

The Engineering Science range has been developed with STEM curricula at its heart. It is the perfect partner for teaching foundation level up to technology familiarization programs at post-graduate level.
The range offers 18 distinctive kits that provide over 60 experiments covering a variety of engineering topics. Along with over 1000 pages of worksheets and lecturer
material, TecQuipment’s Engineering Science range is the ideal system to deliver tailored and comprehensive STEM courses.

  • Comprehensive Experiment Kits
  • Convenient Storage
  • Long-Lasting Sturdy Work Panel
  • Flexible Purchasing Configurations 

5 Engineering Science Packages are available:

  • Forces and moments
  • Materials testing
  • Vibration, friction and energy
  • Simple machines
  • Mechanisms




Engineering Sciences Complete Set:

A complete set of TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits and three Work Panels within a mobile trolley.


900 mm high x 1080 mm wide x 460 mm front to back
Nett weight:
108 kg full trolley + 3 x 5.1 kg Work Panels = 123.3 kg
Packed volume and weight:
Approximately 0.7 m3 and 175 kg
Main parts:
• Mobile trolley (EST) x 1
• Work Panels (ES1) x 3
• Engineering Science kits x 18 (ES2 to ES19)
• Spares Kit (ESX) x 1
• Empty trays x 5


Instructor Training


  • Set-up and commissiong (~2-3 hrs)




Experiment Kits

• Forces Kit (ES2)
• Moments Kit (ES3)
• Deflection of Beams Kit (ES4)
• Torsion of Circular Sections Kit (ES5)
• Tensile Tester Kit (ES6)
• Simple Harmonic Motion Kit (ES7)
• Friction and Inclined Plane Kit (ES8)
• Potential and Kinetic Energy Kit (ES9)
• Pulley Kit (ES10)
• Drive Systems Kit (ES11)
• Cam, Crank and Toggle Kit (ES12)
• Gear Trains Kit (ES13)
• Simple Mechanisms Kit (ES14)
• Bar Linkages Kit (ES15)
• Centrifugal Force Kit (ES16)
• Rotational Friction Kit (ES17)
• Additional Mechanisms Kit (ES18)
• Spring Tester Kit (ES19)

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