Torsion Testing Machine

Bench-mounted machine to perform torsion tests on different materials.

The Torsion Testing Machine is a compact machine, ideal for classroom demonstrations and for safe use by small groups of students. Its frame is a rigid, precision-engineered alloy box-section, supported at each end by adjustable feet

Key features

  • Ideal for student use and classroom demonstrations
  • Torque capacity up to 30 Nm
  • Direct readings of torque and strain on digital displays
  • Suitable for destructive tests on specimens
  • Forward and reverse loading
  • For use with specimens up to 750 mm long
  • Wide range of test specimens
  • Optional Torsiometer (SM1001a) available for tests which need increased accuracy


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Additional Information

The torque reaction and measurement system includes a torsion shaft supported by bearings. The shaft reacts on a strain-gauged load cell. A digital display shows the force measured by the load cell. The display can connect to VDAS®.


Learning Outcomes

  • Determination of modulus of rigidity (shear modulus) and yield strength (when used with the optional torsiometer)
  • Determination of upper and lower yield stresses for normalised steel specimens
  • Reversed torsion tests to demonstrate the Bauschinger effect and the effects of residual body and textural stresses on torsional strength
  • Comparison of the diff erent elastic and plastic
    properties of materials (when used with the optional specimens)

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