The AI Lab

A Step Beyond STEM: AI for Education

The AI LAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable students’ rotation between the AI Stations. Each configuration includes more than 1,000 instructional hours and provides learners with practical hands-on activities exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios in which artificial intelligence takes control of our lives. It gives students a unique and rich learning experience to ensure that they are ready for their careers, college, and life-in-the-2030s. Choose from pre-configured labs or create your own:

  • Elementary AI LAB – Intro to AI

    First steps with Artificial Intelligence Designed to expose students to basic concepts in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Coding

  • High School AI LAB – Practicing AI

    Real-Life Applications with Artificial Intelligence Designed to give students hands-on experience in everyday Artificial Intelligence Applications

  • University AI LAB – Mastering AI

Developing the next-gen Artificial Intelligence Designed to enable research and development of world-class, breakthrough, Artificial Intelligent applications

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A Step Beyond STEM

Every AI LAB is a complete turnkey system of integrated materials, software, online learning system, networking and servers to backup student projects, cutting-edge equipment and all furnishings necessary to accommodate a group size of up to 30 students.

It’s a fully-integrated solution with the highest level of service quality including complete installation, professional development and a direct access to support and online resources to ensure your program success

  • State of the art modular learning space Fully integrated solution that combines cutting edge tech equipment, software, online learning platform and furnishings
  • Engaging AI Curriculum for all Learners 1,000+ instructional hours in AI, Coding, Robotics, Engineering and STEM
  • Enable organized student rotation between stations for large class sizes
  • High Level Service Quality: From design, to onsite installation, training and ongoing support

Sample Labs

AI + Stations = AI LAB

The rich selection of AI Stations allows you to configure an AI LAB that matches your students’ levels and needs



Curriculum and LMS

Make curriculum relevant in an ever-advancing world

The Engage K12 cloud-based learning content management system, allows you to easily create lesson-plans for any subject, any age-group or any AI Lab category. Curriculum has been developed based on  Common Core, NGSS or TEKS standards.

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Providing End-to-End Solutions for Successful Labs

AET Labs is an advisor and value-added reseller inspired to bring real-world industry experience to education with end-to-end technology lab solutions. We are application specialists, service technicians and knowledgeable consultants who combine experience, curated product lines, and the ability to implement with professionalism and forward thinking. As a partner to New England education visionaries since 2005, we value educating future generations.

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