Statics Fundamentals

Equipment for Detailed Studies of Static Equilibrium

The statics fundamentals range offers teaching equipment for understanding the core principles required for civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. The range brings theories such as concurrent and non-concurrent coplanar forces, Bow’s notation, equilibrium theory, parabola theory and many more to life. The range consists of a series of modular experiment modules that fit to the essential base unit (Statics Work Panel), which can be mixed and matched to suit teaching requirements.

Key features

  • One of a series of 4 kits for experiments in statics fundamentals topics
  • Fits to the Work Panel (STF1) for a complete range of suspension cable experiments
  • Hands-on approach for improved understanding
  • Highly visual and robust – ideal for classroom demonstrations and for use by small groups of students
  • Magnetic bases allow accurate and easy positioning of the experiment’s parts
  • Supplied in a hard-wearing storage tray
  • Includes a fully illustrated user guide


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Additional Information

Students or teachers fit the magnetic parts of the kit to the Work Panel (STF1) to study or demonstrate the shapes and tensions in a suspension cable. The versatility of the kit means that you can create symmetrical and non-symmetrical cables, with point loads or with evenly-spread loads. TecQuipment supplies each kit with a fully illustrated user guide containing theory, experiments and typical results


Learning Outcomes

  • Analysis using catenary and parabola theory
  • Cable weight and tension
  • Comparison of a symmetrical suspension cable and catenary
  • Unsymmetrical suspension cable
  • A point load on a suspension cable

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