Refrigeration Cycle Teaching System

Bench-top apparatus that demonstrates the refrigeration cycle.

This simple refrigeration cycle unit assists students to learn the stages of refrigeration at an entry level. Students learn about Pressure-Enthalpy charts and use them to determine the Coefficient of Performance (COP), superheat and sub-cooling from the enthalpy changes.

Key features

  • Includes TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition
    System VDAS® Onboard, featuring data acquisition via USB
  • VDAS® software allows students to visualize experimental parameters using pressure–enthalply charts
  • Pressure andTemperature sensors in heat source and heat-sink water tanks allows clear demonstration of a refrigeration or heat pump cycle
  • Water pump allows circulation of water for steady-state experiment


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                                  Screenshots of the VDAS software

Learning Outcomes

  •  Learn to use a pressure-enthalpy chart
  • Determine superheat and sub-cooling
  • Basic refrigeration cycle energy balance
  • Determine coefficient of performance (CoP)
  • Determine non-isentropic, isentropic and volumetric efficiencies of the compression stage
  • Effect of heat source and heat sink temperatures on CoP
  • Compare performance between actual and reversed Carnot cycles

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