QArm Robotic Manipulator

Modern Robotic Manipulator Arm for Undergraduate Robotic Courses

QArm is a 4 DOF serial robotic manipulator arm with a tendon-based two-stage gripper and an RGBD camera, designed specifically for modern engineering education. Leveraging the intuitive graphical interface of Simulink, students get a systematic understanding of the design of robotic systems and concepts, including joint control, kinematics, path planning, statics, and dynamics. QArm comes with comprehensive studio-type robotic course resources to motivate students and provide the basis for interactive challenges. The QArm curriculum is mapped to popular robotics textbooks by Mark Spong and John Craig.

Quanser is the global leader in designing and manufacturing engineering lab solutions exclusively for higher ed teaching and research.

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Modern robotics spans a complex range of applications and platforms. Quanser is the only company taking a comprehensive approach to robotics tuned to the academic environment. Whether you are developing advanced algorithms as part of an ambitious research program, or you need state of the art technology and thinking to teach the next generation of robotics engineers, the Quanser product line has the perfect option for your needs. All Quanser robotics products offer the performance, quality, and flexible software architecture you need to accelerate application development and innovation.

Current robotic manipulators include:

  • 2 DOF Robot
  • Omni Haptic Device
  • HD² High Definition Haptic Device

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