Control and Instrumentation Study Station

A laboratory-scale model of a typical industrial process plant

The Control and Instrumentation Study Station uses industry-standard parts to teach industrial process control. It is an excellent tool to help train plant technicians and process control engineers, providing the essential facilities to allow flow level temperature and pressure control. Demonstrates applications of advanced control systems using industry standard instrumentation and controls.

Key features

  • Genuine industry standard instruments and controls
  • Patch panel with leads for quick and simple connection between instruments, valves and controls
  • Optional distributed computer control (TE37DCS)
  • Gives academic and vocational study for process control engineers and plant technicians
  • Includes hidden switches to create faults for fault-finding training
  • Fully programmable controllers with local and remote set points, and fully programmable proportional, integral and derivative control


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Additional Information

The study station includes two fully configurable controllers, each with remote or local set point inputs. The controllers are industry-standard, with a choice of different control methods, and fully adjustable proportional, integral and derivative (PID) circuits.


Learning Outcomes

  • Setting up process transmitters
  • Level, pressure, flow and temperature control
  • Cascade control
  • Coupled and decoupled interactive control
  • Ratio control
  • Feed-forward control
  • Feed-forward-feedback control
  • Split range control
  • Fault-finding

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