Next Generation Structures Range

Comprehensive Learning of Structures Principles

The Next Generation structures range consists of teaching equipment for understanding basic structural principles focusing on beams, bridges and cantilevers for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering.

Key features

  • A range of 21 experiment modules that teach structures principles
  • Fits to the Structures platform for ergonomic use and space-saving storage
  • Interchangeable square section structural members to allow easy construction of four different frameworks
  • Strain gauge amplifier and multiple strain gauges for measurement of force in each member of the trusses
  • Simplified versions of realistic structures to give students an understanding of real-life structures
  • Additional load cell available for multiple experiments
  • Supplied with storage trays to keep members and smaller items safe
  • Works with user-friendly software (VDAS®)


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The next generation Structures range from TecQuipment is compact, robust and offers a clearer demonstration of experiments. It builds on the tried and tested modular technology but is easier to set up and use, taking performance to the next level. The 21 experiment modules mount on the sturdy low-level benchtop platform.


Available Experiment Modules – View Structures Range Flyer

• Bending Moments in a Beam (STS2)
• Shear Force in a Beam (STS3)
• Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers (STS4)
• Bending Stress in a Beam (STS5)
• Torsion of Circular Sections (STS6)
• Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre (STS7)
• Pin-Jointed Frameworks (STS8)
• Three-Pinned Arch (STS9)
• Two-Pinned Arch (STS10)
• Fixed Arch (STS11)
• Euler Buckling of Struts (STS12)
• Continuous and Indeterminate Beams (STS13)
• Curved Bars and Davits (STS14)
• Plastic Bending of Beams (STS15)
• Plastic Bending of Portal Frames (STS16)
• Redundant Truss (STS17)
• Frame Deflections and Reactions (STS18)
• Simple Suspension Bridge (STS19)
• Bending Moments in a Portal Frame (STS20)
• Suspended Beam Bridge (STS21)
• Equilibrium of a Simply Supported Beam (STS22)

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