MSET Integrated STEM Toolkit

Real Engineering for Education

The Mentis Sciences Engineering Toolkit was developed by Engineers at Mentis in 2013 as a engineering learning tool to introduce High School Interns, employed at Mentis, to scaled STEM concepts. Over the years, Professional Engineers and Educators, tailored the MSET to address the limitations and gaps between the STEM objectives and the supporting educational curricula, learning objectives, and measurable outcomes required within the Undergraduate and Graduate classroom.

The MSET System is a small-scale portable testing apparatus that provides students a window into the world of science and engineering. With over 40 experiments available, the MSET system covers a wide range of engineering principles and real-world physical concepts, well suited for high school and college level engineering programs.


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Maximize Student Access

  • Small portable and easy to carry unit
  • Reduces lab space requirements
  • Enhances experiential learning
  • Cost effective solution for hands-on engineering studies
  • Intuitive software for real-time results & data collection
  • Offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • 10 base unit experiments included
  • 11 additional experiments to purchase as add-ons
  • Removable tower from stationary base plate


8 in. (L) x 17 in. (W) x 15 in. (H)


15.5 Lbs

Power Requirements

100-­240 V, 50-60 HZ


USB or Bluetooth




  • PC with internet access


  • Consumables bundle
  • Support Plan


Instructor Training


  • Set-up and Operations (~2-3 hrs)
Lab Exercises

Supports over 20 different experiments


  • Buckling
  • Spring Stiffness
  • Tension
  • Dynamic Impact
  • Three Point Flexure
  • Cantilever Flexure
  • Tip Vibration


  • Friction
  • Magnetic Force
  • Density
  • SHM & Mass Loading
  • Series Parallel Resistance
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Pendulum Dynamics
  • Magnetic Damping

Thermo-Fluid Testing

  • Buoyancy Force
  • Hydrostatic Pressure

Simple Machines

  • Lever Balancing
  • Gear Sets – Torques & Speeds


  • Calibration of Load Cells
  • Cam

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