Learn electronics with Locktronics

Locktronics is a range of products that simplifies the process of learning and teaching electricity and electronics. The core range consists of more than 200 electronic components ⟨ANSI and DIN⟩ mounted on rugged plastic carriers which are printed with the corresponding circuit symbol. Students use the carriers, in conjunction with a baseboard with interconnecting metal pillars to build up a working circuit, then use the worksheets provided to carry out experiments. Our range of solutions are divided into 9 main subject areas:

  • Physics
  • Basic engineering
  • Computer science
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Robotics & mechatronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Electrical installation


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Why Choose Locktronics

  • Makes learning easier
  • Extensive free curriculum
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Covers range of subject areas
  • Vast range of components
  • Sturdy storage for solutions
  • More instruments available
  • Minimal assembly required
Curriculum Resources

Learning with Locktronics

There are three stages in learning with Locktronics:

  • Theory
  • Application
  • Understanding
Students apply the theory by using a Locktronics kit in conjunction with a worksheet on the individual topic. All worksheets are free of charge and are shipped with your kit on a CD ROM. You can photocopy the worksheets and hand them out to students to write on, or students can read the worksheets and write answers
and notes in their workbooks.
Instructor Training


  • Set-up and commissiong (~2-3 hrs)



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