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The KUKA Education Bundle

As a pioneer in robotics, KUKA has been developing outstanding automation solutions for decades and is currently the global leader in innovation. Robots are considered a key to competitiveness in industry. They master challenging tasks, boost productivity, quality and efficiency, and reduce costs.

With the exclusive KUKA Education Bundle at your institution, you can impart contemporary robotics expertise to your students and within your research.

Acquisition of skills on a genuine industrial robot, based on the latest control technology:

  • Planning and control principles of industrial robots
  • Programming and operation of modern industrial robots
  • Planning and control of robotic work cells
  • Programming with the KUKA.WorkVisual engineering workbench
  • Awareness of robot safety and servicing issues


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KUKA Robotics Featured in Research

Overview of the KUKA Robot Language-based Intelligent Algorithms on Industrial Robots for Multifaced Medical and Engineering Applications: A Modern Approach to Automation – 2022


Journal Proceedings

International Journal of Health Sciences


H. Garg, J. Singh, A. Kaushik, S. Sharma, J. Singh, G. Singh

Human–Robot Collaboration in 3D via Force Myography Based Interactive Force Estimations Using Cross-Domain Generalization – 2022


Journal Proceedings



U. Zakia, C. Menon

A Modular Mechatronic Gripper Installed on the Industrial Robot KUKA KR 60-3 for Boxing, Unpacking and Selecting of Beverage Bottles – 2022


Journal Proceedings

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing


R. G. V. Andrade, L. Vinces, K. Lau

Additional Information

Equipment for advanced learners

The KUKA Robot AGILUS can be used for teaching the fundamentals of conventional industrial robotics. In addition, however, we also offer packages for advanced users and researchers, addressing topical issues such as sensitive robotics, HRC, mobility and Industry 4.0.

  • LBR iiwa: a sensitive lightweight robot whose short reaction times open up entirely new possibilities for automation solutions.
  • KUKA flexFELLOW: a mobile platform – with integrated controller and optionally installed LBR iiwa – which can be very easily moved manually to its site of operation.
  • KMR iiwa: an autonomous, HRC-compliant mobile robot which moves highly flexibly in varying locations.

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