Heat Exchanger Teaching System

Bench-top apparatus that demonstrates the operation characteristics of different heat exchangers.

The Service Module (TD360) is the core of the TD360 range. It provides hot and cold water to the heat exchangers and all the instruments needed to measure their performance.

Key features

  • A bench-top service module with optional small-scale demonstration heat exchangers – designed for teaching
  • Optional heat exchangers include the most common types used in industry (tubular, plate, shell and tube, and a jacketed vessel with coil and stirrer)
  • Simple and safe to use – foolproof fittings allow students to change and connect the optional heat exchangers quickly and easily – needs no tools
  • Clear digital displays of all readings – you do not need a computer to work it or take readings
  • Connects to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®)


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Available Experiment Modules

  • Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger (TD360a)
  • Plate Heat Exchanger (TD360b)
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (TD360c)
  • Jacketed Vessel with Coil and Stirrer (TD360d)

Note: You need at least one of the optional heat exchangers to do experiments. TecQuipment recommends that you buy the Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger (TD360a) first, because it has extra temperature measuring points.

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