Fluid Mechanics Range

Teaching Equipment for Fluid Mechanics

The fluid mechanics range offers a wide scope of teaching equipment for the delivery of complete courses in fluid dynamics. In many settings, the modular Digital Hydraulic Bench acts as a base unit, allowing tutors to swap out individually mounted experiment modules on these self-contained benches, reducing lab set-up time, lab space requirements, and cost.

Key features

  • One of a series of 18 kits for experiments in fluid mechanics topics
  • Electronic flowmeter and digital display for accurate
    measurements and quicker experiments
  • Made of lightweight fibreglass for strength, easier transport
    and long life
  • Lockable wheels for mobility with stability
  • Flat top to hold experiment modules from TecQuipment’s Fluid
    Mechanics range
  • Self-contained with recirculating water circuit – needs no external water supply and saves mains water
  • Pump includes thermal overload protection


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Additional Information


This product supplies a controlled flow of water to a wide variety of laboratory experiment modules (available separately). The body of the bench forms a reservoir or ‘sump tank’ with a submersible pump. Once filled, the bench needs no external water supply.


Available Experiment Modules – View Entire Fluid Range 

• Flow Visualization (FC15)
• Flow Through an Orifice (H4)
• Venturi Meter (H5)
• Discharge Over a Notch (H6)
• Friction Loss in a Pipe (H7)
• Impact of a Jet Apparatus (H8)
• Flow Measurement (H10)
• Vortex Apparatus (H13)
• Francis Turbine (H18)
• Pelton Turbine (H19)
• Hydraulic Ram Pump (H31)
• Jet Trajectory and Orifice Flow (H33)
• Pipework Energy Losses (H34)
• Flow Meter Calibration (H40)
• Losses in Piping Systems (H16)
• 2.5 Metre Flow Channel (FC50-2.5)
• Pipe Surge And Water Hammer (H405)
• Fluid Friction Apparatus (H408)

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