Flite Test STEM – Drone & Aviation Program

Flite Test + STEM = FT STEM

The Flite Test STEM program was developed by a high school tech ed instructor from Colorado. It was designed to accommodate 20-30 students. There is no need for students to work lock-step on projects together, which alleviates the need to purchase 30 quad copters, controllers, etc. This cost-saving, tried-and-tested program includes a package of pre-selected items & instructions which will be more than sufficient for all students to complete the course.

  • Instructors are encouraged to integrate use of 3D printers, Lasers and CNC machines throughout the program.
  • Exclusive package through AET Labs includes (1) reusables package, (2) consumables package and (1) lifetime subscription to the FT STEM Teaching Portal ($99 per year on website)


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Constructing STEM literacy through the lens of scratch build aviation for 21st century learners is the foundation of Flite Test’s K–12 Curriculum Solution:

  • Develops STEM and flying skills through a variety of fun, hands-on scratch build aircraft activities.
  • Comprehensive K–12 curriculum.
  • Online Interactive Classrooms allow teachers and home school parents to assign lessons, create new curriculum, track student progress in a shared environment, or remotely at distance.
  • Access to discount materials from the FliteTest Store.
  • Apply to funding programs, or win one of our monthly sponsorship.
  • Unlimited students and classes, and access to all future developed content.
  • One on one support, to get you started.
  • Build and share customized lessons and curriculum with other teachers.


Curriculum Info

STEM For All Ages!

Our K-12 curriculum teaches science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) principles through hands-on aircraft activities that address national standards for each grade level.

  • Lower Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
Instructor Training


In this two-day professional development class, gain a broader understanding of how FT STEM fits into your everyday teaching from unit design to remote controlled building and flight training in both fixed wing and multi-rotor platforms. Explore how the natural progression of FT STEM in your classroom can empower your students to utilize a new system of tools and technology fostering critical thinking in design with personalized problem solving opportunities.


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