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Making STEM Connections

FESTO’s integrated approach to STEM emphasizes innovation, problem-solving, critical-thinking, and creativity. Using a combination of 15 different hands-on training systems, students rely on math/science fundamentals to complete projects using the engineering design process.

In this “learn by doing” environment, students are given the opportunity to experience relevant and newly emerging technologies that integrate into standards-based curriculum.

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Advanced Manufacturing

The manufacturing landscape is changing thanks to the merging of the real and virtual worlds, the advancement of sensors, and the innovative technologies that are used to improve products and processes. The Festo Didactic Advanced Manufacturing cluster consists of STEM courses that teach the foundation of advanced manufacturing through practical application that emphasizes innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking using hands-on training systems.

1. Engineering and Stress Analysis
2. Exploring Electricity
3. Plastics
4. CNC Mill
5. CNC Lathe
6. Computer Aided Design (with 3D printing)
7. Introduction to Process Engineering*
8. Fiber Optics and Lasers
9. Aerodynamics


Mechatronics integrates the fields of mechanical, electronics, and computer science. The Festo Didactic Mechatronics cluster consists of STEM courses that present an innovative problem-based approach to teaching mechatronics using hands-on trainers and robotic systems.

10. Exploratory Electronics
11. Exploring Mechatronics
12. Automation and Robotics
13. Exploring Mechanisms

Environmental Discovery 

Environmental discovery connects students to the world around them, teaching them about both natural and built environments, enabling them to make connections so they can examine how and why things happen in order to make their own decisions about environmental issues. The Festo Didactic Environmental Discovery cluster explores the impact of conservation and sustainability using hands-on, interactive, problem-based learning.

14. Alternative Energy
15. Environmental Technology/Water

Curriculum Resources

Festo LX – The online portal for teachers and learners to access and create a customized learning experience.

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Integrative STEM education is about intentionally combining math and science concepts with
technology and engineering skills to solve problems. Students who engage in integrative STEM projects in order to solve authentic problems develop communication and collaboration skills, as well as sustained interest in STEM disciplines and increased competency levels

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